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The First Class Honours Virtual Recital was available for viewing from January 30 - February 15, 2022.

Thank you to our volunteers Sheena Laird (juror), Yuko Soncini-Koizumi (juror), Sabrina Tang (website) and LaDawn Ouellette (coordinator).  


Congratulations to the ORMTA teachers of performers and scholarship recipients: Dr. Elaine Keillor, Carol Ann Wood, Robyn Kuzell, Jane Arrowsmith, Elena IIin, Essie Liu, Catherine Donkin, Debra Laundrie, Dr. Chunson Park, Lorraine Griffith, Danielle McIntyre, Cynthia Bredfeldt, Sarah Molenaar , Heather Norian, LaDawn Ouellette, Betty Harris, Jean E. Hudson, Gloria Jean Nagy, Paulette Price, Kathleen Prochnau and Lori Lynn Penny.

First Class Honours Scholarship Winners 2022

Level 9 Written Theory Award

Victor Toma  

(student of Lori Lynn Penny)


Level 10 Written Theory Award

Carolyn Zhang  

(student of Lori Lynn Penny)


Associate Written Theory Award

Lily Wang  

(student of Lori Lynn Penny)


RCM Junior Keyboard Harmony Award

Grace Jiang  

(student of Paulette Price)


RCM Junior Keyboard Harmony Award

Naren Lokesh  

(student of Paulette Price)


RCM Intermediate Keyboard Harmony Award

Evelyn Campbell  

(student of Kathleen Prochnau)


RCM Senior Keyboard Harmony Award

Jenny Zhang  

(student of Paulette Price)

Level 8 Instrumental Practical Award

Athena Liao  

(student of Heather Norian)


Level 9 Instrumental Practical Award

Tong Tong Lu  

(student of Chunson Park)


Level 10 Instrumental Practical Award

Charlotte Hou  

(student of Chunson Park)


Associate Performer Award

Eric Y Lee  

(student of Catherine Donkin)


Level 10 Vocal  Practical Award

Irina Hawryluck  

(student of Gloria Jean Nagy)

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