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THURSDAY MARCH 25 2021 @ 9:30-11:30 AM

THE DESCENDING FIFTHS PROGRESSION: As told through the story of the Old Uncle

Presented by Paulette Price

I would like to demonstrate how a little parable in pictographs can help students more easily connect to harmony and meaning.  I use the progression story of the Old Uncle with students of all ages and it has broken down many barriers.  Its picture symbols are quick and easy to notate and they can be used in any number of ways.  I believe it has helped my students to hear more colour in their music and also increased their appreciation for the beauty and logic in their pieces.  It is an intuitive alternative to the math of music, and it seems to lighten the subject matter, encourage chord vocabulary, and foster a true interest in harmony.


The story really begins with the Young Uncle…….

Paulette Price lives in Kanata and runs a busy private studio, working with many talented young students as well as a fine group of active teachers.  Of late, she has been enriching her teaching approach by including keyboard harmony exam preparation in the work of her senior students. It has opened up a whole new layer of challenge and exploration for student and teacher alike!


Paulette is Co-President of the Kanata Music Club.  She has presented many workshops and masterclasses in the Ottawa area, and is a retired examiner for the RCM.  Paulette was honored to be named ORMTA Special Teacher for the Ottawa region in 2008.   

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