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~ denotes Provisionally Active
*1 denotes Affiliate Member Level 1: Completed Grade X Conservatory with all theory
*2 denotes Affiliate Member Level 2: Completed Grade IX Conservatory with all theory


Key to Subjects:
P-Piano, O-Organ, S-Singing, V-Violin, Vla-Viola, VdG-Viola da Gamba, C-Cello, Fl-Flute, Cl-Clarinet, Sax-Saxophone, B-Bassoon, Tr-Trumpet, Rc-Recorder, Ha-Harpsichord, Hp-Harp, G-Guitar, Acc-Accordian, R-Rudiments (Grades 1 & 2 only), T-Theory (Rudiments, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis), H-History, Comp-Composition, Sf-Solfège, SM-School Music, EC-Early Childhood Education, Ped-Pedagogy


Codes des sujets:
P-Piano, O-Orgue, S-Chant, V-Violon, Vla-Alto, C-Violoncelle, Fl-Flute, Cl-Clarinette, Sax-Saxophone, B-Basson, Tr-Trompette, Rc-Flute a bec, Ha-Clavecin, Hp-Harpe, G-Guitare, Acc-Accordeon, R-Théorie élémentaires (Niveaux 1 et 2 seulement), T-Théorie (Niveaux élémentaires, Harmonie, Contrepoint, Analyse), H-Histoire, Comp-Composition, Sf-Solfège, SM-Musique à l'école, EC-Éducation des Petits


Key to Languages:
A-Arabic, B-Bosnian, Br-Braille, C-Chinese, Cr-Croatian, D-Dutch, E-English, F-French, G-German, H-Hungarian He-Hebrew, J-Japanese, P-Polish, R-Russian, Ru-Rumanian, S-Spanish, Sr-Serbian, U-Ukrainian


Codes des langues parlees:
A-Arabe, B-Bosniaque, Br-Braille, C-Chinois, Cr-Croate, D-Neerlandais, E-Anglais, F-Français, G-Allemand, H-Hongrois, He-Hebreu, J-Japonais, P-Polonais, R-Russe, Ru-Roumain, S-Espagnol, Sr-Serbe, U-Ukrainien


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