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Seymour: an introduction
Seymour: an introduction

Pianist Seymour Bernstein, who gave up performing for teaching, discusses his passion for music and his philosophy of life.

Practicing & Performing
Practicing & Performing

Practice for results and perform with confidence! World-renowned concert pianist and composer Daniel Abrams shows players of all levels and styles how to get maximum results from minimum time spent at the keyboard. Relaxation, inspiration, breathing, focus, attitude and interpretation are covered, as well as more traditional topics like phrasing, scales, wrist action, pedaling and understanding chords.

Musical Forms: The Fugue
Musical Forms: The Fugue

A combination of live-action photography and elaborate animation shows the score of Johann Sebastian Bach's Fugue in G Minor being performed. A Coronet release.

The Kodaly Concept of Music Educatio
The Kodaly Concept of Music Educatio

A representative selection of demonstration class videos from kindergarten to secondary school and choir. Includes sections on Kodaly's life, the Kodaly Concept and Demonstration Videos.

Mastering Piano Technique
Mastering Piano Technique

Finally available in DVD format, Seymour Fink's renowned °Mastering Piano Technique° sets pianists of every skill level free to express their most musical ideas with a holistic approach to the keyboard based on a sound understanding of the relationship between physical function and movement and musical purpose. In this invaluable resource for pianists and teachers, Professor Fink explains his groundbreaking ideas and demonstrates his innovative developmental exercises. 86 minutes.

Performance Practices in Baroque
Performance Practices in Baroque

Composers in the Baroque period (1600-1750) produced some of the greatest and most exciting keyboard music ever. This captivating DVD looks at conventions and knowledge that help the performer create a more historically informed performance. Organized as a practical aid to today's performers and teachers, basic touches, articulations, dynamics and ornamentation are discussed in detail. Also on this DVD is a lecture on the history of Baroque dance.

The Art of the Piano is a feature-length, 106-minute documentary that presents in refreshingly straightforward fashion a portrait of 20th-century piano playing. The format is simple: short segments on virtually all of the great pianists who have ever been captured on film, augmented by extracts from interviews, sometimes with the pianists themselves, or with later conductors and musicians of international stature.

Bach Performance on the Piano The first is a two-and-a-half-hour lecture in seven chapters. Each is introduced with a performance of a short piece of Bach (the C major Two-part Invention, the Menuet in G, the E major Fugue from Book I of the Well-Tempered Clavier, etc.). The chapters include such topics as The Essentials (Phrasing, Singing tone, Articulation, Fingering, Pedalling) to Interpretation (Tempo, Dynamics, Rhythmic alterations), The Dance in Bach, Learning a Fugue, Ornamentation, as well as advice on editions, memorization, and practising Bach. The second part is a recital comprising of the Partita No. 4 in D major, the Italian Concerto, and the Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue.

Fidelio Beethoven

Dancetime: 500 Years of Social Dancing Four centuries of Western social dance history. Authentic recreations of the dances teach the viewer about socializing and romance in past times. Explore the revelry of the Renaissance, the elegance of the Baroque style, and the charm of Regency Country Dances. Watch as the Regency era’s scandalous Waltz grew into the exuberant, swirling dances of the Romantic era, and were later refined into codified and precise Victorian couple dances.

Great Composers: Rimsky-Korsakov Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov was one of the greatest composers of the Russian nationalist school, as well as a great master of orchestration and music theory. Among Rimsky-Korsakov's most famous works are the opera Le coq d'Or (1906), and the symphonic works Capriccio Espagnol (1887), Scheherazade (1888), and The Russian Eastern Festival Overture (1888).

Great Composers: Schubert Interweaving documentary and fiction this DVD documentary World-Weariness introduces us to the musical world of Franz Schubert. In this film we are introduced to the world of Franz Schubert through a series of documentary vignettes shot for the most part in Austria. These vignettes are interspersed with musical movements drawn from two of the composer s quartets (Death and the Maiden and Rosamunde) and two of his lieder (The Erl King and Serenade).

Great Composers: Wagner Musical genius, political hero and racist demon, the life of Richard Wagner reads like the ultimate Boys-own story. The Ring cycle is regarded as one of the finest achievements of the human soul. This documentary examines the connections between Wagner's own spiritual vision and his art, including coded anti-Semitic references in his music and the techniques he used to mesmerise his audience. It is filmed in Switzerland, Italy and King Ludwig's Bavaria.

Jane Bastien: A Passion for Teaching Jane Bastien: A Passion for Teaching is a momentous film that offers a rare, close-up glimpse into Jane’s private studio, featuring candid footage of lessons, performances, and personal interactions. Interviews with family members, current and former students, and parents add insight into the unique experience of studying under this master teacher. Jane’s warmth and devotion are apparent as is her consummate knowledge and expertise.

Maya Badian: Her Life and Her Music

Lotte Lehmann Master Classes: Lieder

Lotte Lehmann Master Classes: Opera


Performance Practice in Classical Period Piano Music Maurice Hinson Compositions by Haydn, Clementi, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert are featured in this intriguing lecture on performance practices of the Classical era. Musical characteristics, period keyboard instruments, Italian terms and more are all discussed. Dance influences, and performance conventions that are rarely indicated in the composers' manuscripts, are also highlighted. Approx. one hour.

Performance Practice in Romantic Period Piano Music The rich piano repertoire of the Romantic era is explored in this richly produced video. Dr. Maurice Hinson examines the performance practices of the era and discusses the influence that literature and art had on the composers of the period. Dance forms, nationalistic influences, pedaling, dynamics, ornamentation, Italian terms and tempo markings are covered in depth, along with interesting historical anecdotes about the composers.

Performance Practices in Early 20th Century Piano Music Maurice Hinson Covering music from approximately 1890 to 1914, Dr. Hinson presents a fascinating lecture on the dramatic changes that composers wrought during the early 20th century. Music by Bartok, Debussy, Joplin, Grainger, Hindemith, MacDowell, Coleridge-Taylor, Satie, Schoenberg and more are performed in context of the performance challenges and stylistic explorations of the period. Approximately one hour. Full color.

Performance Practices in Late 20th Century Piano Music Stewart Gordon In this enlightening DVD, Dr. Stewart Gordon breaks through misconceptions about the musicality and performance appeal of contemporary music. He offers valuable insight into how to interpret, teach and perform the music and enjoy the process. In the three sections, Dr. Gordon analyzes and performs intermediate to advanced level repertoire. Jazz and non-tonal music are explored as well.

Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould A collection of vignettes highlighting different aspects of the life, work, and character of the acclaimed Canadian classical pianist.

Mikado Gilbert and Sullivan Stratford Festival

Iolanthe Gilbert and Sullivan Stratford Festival

Bach's Fight For Freedom A young boy helps the rebellious Johann Sebastian Bach fight for his artistic freedom.

Freeing the Caged Bird Barbara Lister-Sink Barbara Lister-Sink, internationally recognized pioneer in teaching injury-preventive technique, draws inspiration from the superb technical example of such giants as Arthur Rubinstein, and offers a new look into the heart of piano technique, using a scientifically and pedagogically sound approach.

Imagery in Piano Performance Dennis Alexander In this engaging video-lecture, pianist/composer Dennis Alexander explores the use of four types of imagery that will help students and professionals achieve more artistic performances at the piano. Imagery techniques are demonstrated "before and after" with children at various skill levels. Features many of Mr. Alexander's compositions. Approximately one hour. Full color.

In the Footsteps of Chopin Frédéric Chopin left a musical legacy of some 225 works, yet what we know of the great composer is largely clichés. A master of Romantic music, Chopin was a complex personality with a dual allegiance to his native Poland and his adopted France. In death, his body lies in Paris but, at his own request, his heart is buried in Warsaw. Our examination of his life leads from Poland to France and Majorca to uncover the diverse influences on his music. Shedding light on the great pianist are Chopin expert Yves Henry and Polish pianist Janusz Olejniszak, who recorded the Chopin soundtrack for Polanski’s film The Pianist.

The Living Voice Freda Herseth, Norman Hogikyan Using a compelling combination of live talking and singing footage of the human larynx together with informative classroom-style instruction, this video presents a complete description of normal human voice production during speech and song. The work is a collaboration between authors from the fields of Laryngology and Vocal Pedagogy, and seeks to provide an understanding of voice to those without any prior knowledge of anatomy. The format is engaging and at times humorous, and will be of particular interest to voice educators and other teachers at all levels. Other professional voice users or those involved with care of the voice will also find it informative, useful, and entertaining. The authors' have used this type of video with students as young as the 3rd grade, however teachers will need to consider the maturity of their own students when deciding whether detailed anatomic video of the vocal tract is appropriate in their classroom.

Memorization in Piano Performance Stewart Gordon This outstanding video-lecture by Dr. Stewart Gordon (University of Southern California) is ideal for students and professionals who have trouble memorizing music or fear a memory loss in performance. Five clearly defined memorization processes are outlined, followed by techniques that will aid in the correction of typical memorization problems. Suggestions for incorporating these ideas into the teaching process are also provided. Approx. one hour. Full color.

Piano Technique: Is There One Way? Sona Haydon As a result of a serious injury to her right hand, Sona Haydon conducted detailed research in therapeutic techniques to help her regain strength and mobility. Now on video, Ms. Haydon combines ideas from her own recovery treatment with time-honored techniques by master teachers.

Beethoven Lives Upstairs A young boy learns to appreciate the music of his upstairs boarder, Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Strauss: The King of Three-Quarter Time The composer, Johann Strauss, Jr., comes to life in this charming, live-action drama. This inspirational story, from the Emmy award-winning Devine Series, will spark creativity in your child! The city - Vienna. The music - exhilarating. Yet all is not well with Johann Strauss, Jr., the darling of waltzing Vienna, who is haunted by the constant pressure to out do himself with each new composition.

The LoVetri Method: Somatic Voicework


Compositions for Instrumental Ensembles by Maya Badian LBCD 1011-2003 • Echoes for Flute • Monody for Oboe • Incantation for Clarinet • Profiles for Trombone • Chamber Concerto for Horn and Multi-Percussion • Movimento for Woodwind Quintet • Endless Romanian Traces for Cello and Piano • Suite on Romanian Themes for Marimba, Vibraphone and Piano • “Music for Archaeus” Instrumental Septet

MultiMusics. Double Concertos & Orchestral Compositions by Badian LBCD 1013-2005 • Marimba and Vibraphone Double Concerto • “MultiMusic Canada, a Legacy for the New Millennium” Orchestral Fresco • “Canadian Wilderness and Stillness” Symphonic Evocation on the Group of Seven

Concertos and Double Concertos By Maya Badian LBCD 1012-2004 • Violin Concerto • Timpani and Trumpet Double Concerto • Guitar Concerto • Marimba and Vibraphone Double Concerto • Reflets laurentiens, Clarinet and Saxophone Double Concerto

Orchestral Mirrors of Life. Orchestral Compositions and Concertos by Badian LBCD 1016-2008 • Toccata and Passacaglia for Orchestra • Violin Concerto • Sinfonietta for Orchestra • Guitar Concerto • Holocaust - In Memoriam, Symphony