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Seymour: an introduction
Pianist Seymour Bernstein, who gave up performing for teaching, discusses his passion for music and his philosophy of life.
Practicing & Performing
Practice for results and perform with confidence! World-renowned concert pianist and composer Daniel Abrams shows players of all levels and styles how to get maximum results from minimum time spent at the keyboard.
Relaxation, inspiration, breathing, focus, attitude and interpretation are covered, as well as more traditional topics like phrasing, scales, wrist action, pedaling and understanding chords.
Musical Forms: The Fugue
A combination of live-action photography and elaborate animation shows the score of Johann Sebastian Bach's Fugue in G Minor being performed. A Coronet release.
The Kodaly Concept of Music Educatio
A representative selection of demonstration class videos from kindergarten to secondary school and choir. Includes sections on Kodaly's life, the Kodaly Concept and Demonstration Videos.
Mastering Piano Technique
Finally available in DVD format, Seymour Fink's renowned °Mastering Piano Technique° sets pianists of every skill level free to express their most musical ideas with a holistic approach to the keyboard based on a sound understanding of the relationship between physical function and movement and musical purpose. In this invaluable resource for pianists and teachers, Professor Fink explains his groundbreaking ideas and demonstrates his innovative developmental exercises. 86 minutes.
Performance Practices in Baroque
Composers in the Baroque period (1600-1750) produced some of the greatest and most exciting keyboard music ever. This captivating DVD looks at conventions and knowledge that help the performer create a more historically informed performance. Organized as a practical aid to today's performers and teachers, basic touches, articulations, dynamics and ornamentation are discussed in detail. Also on this DVD is a lecture on the history of Baroque dance.
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