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Tania Granata, Convenor


"A new initiative for ORMTA, the Junior Piano Masterclass (Beginner to Level 6) is an opportunity for students to perform and receive feedback from our Clinician. In a positive environment, students will learn skillfulness and musicality in their art form. Teachers, plan to attend to enrich your own teaching and consider sending students to strengthen their performance skills!"

APRIL 17, 2024 - Application Deadline for Master Class

MAY 5, 2024 - Master Class at 10,000 Hours Piano Rehearsal Studios

The Junior Piano Master Class (Beginner to Level 6) is an opportunity for students to perform and receive feedback from our Clinician, Olivia Adams.  It will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2024 from 1:00-4:00pm at the 10,000 Hours Piano Rehearsal Studios, 353 Montreal Rd, Suite 102.  The entry deadline is April 17, and the entry fee is $25.


Olivia Adams is a pianist, teacher, researcher, and author. She is currently a Ph.D. in Music and Education at the University of Ottawa with a focus on Disability Music Education, and she holds a MA in Music and Feminist Studies from the University of Ottawa, and an Honours B.Mus. in Piano Performance from Western University.


Olivia speaks and performs across Canada and the US, giving workshops on inclusivity and diversity in the piano studio. She is an in-demand adjudicator of piano in music festivals across Canada. She is a researcher on gender and music in Canadian music conservatories and is the author of Loud and Clear: A Guide to Levelled Piano Music by Women Composers in the 20th and 21st Centuries and the host of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra's Podcast "Loud and Clear: amplifying the voices of women in music."


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