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The ORB Bursary

ORMTA Ottawa Region Branch offers The ORB Bursary as a needs-based bursary for students who are pursuing an Associate Diploma in Pedagogy from any recognized conservatory.


Yearly bursary amount: $250


Who is eligible?

Students who have completed or are preparing for Associate Pedagogy Examinations while studying with an ORMTA member from the Ottawa Region Branch. The student may be an affiliate or student ORMTA member.  Active and affiliate ORMTA members are not eligible for this bursary. 


The student must plan to teach as, at least, a part time profession and, preferably, become an ORMTA member. 


How does student demonstrate their need?

The student must demonstrate financial need in the following ways:

1.   Letter from the student explaining their financial need. 

2.   Letter from the student’s ORMTA teacher reiterating the details of the financial need and vouching for the student’s work ethic and dedication. "


What expenses are eligible?

Examination fees for associate pedagogy diploma; tuition fees for pedagogy lessons with ORMTA member(s); and/or fees for other professional development training which would lead to an associate pedagogy diploma (as determined appropriate by the committee).


At what point does the student apply?

After expenses have been incurred.  Receipts must be submitted with the application form.  

When is the application deadline for this year?

December 15th, 2023. 


Other points:

Once awarded the bursary, the student is ineligible the following year. 

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