Amélie Langlois, Convenor

Dear ORMTA teachers and students, friends and family,


I would like to thank each of you for being part of this virtual Canada Music Week Recital 2021.

We have 51 students performing pieces from 28 different Canadian composers.  We also have 14 participating teachers.


This concert was organized for students to celebrate Canada Music Week. Teachers and students worked hard to make that happen and I want to thank everyone for their participation.  It is a great pleasure to give once more a virtual venue to the students to showcase their talent.


You will be able to access and see the concert until December 15th, 2021.


A special thank you goes to Sabrina Tang, in charge of our website. She spent many hours on this project to create a wonderful online concert for us. And a huge thank you to Danielle McIntyre for listening to all the videos with me.


Thank you to all the performers and teachers for making this possible.


I hope you enjoy our virtual recital.


Amélie Langlois, Canada Music Week Coordinator for ORMTA Ottawa Region Branch




Jacob Kang

Owen Lantz

Owen Zhong

Olivia Tasset-Scherer


Yang Zhang        

Phoenix Pak       

Lillian Wang      

Noelle Aldous     

Xavier Pak        

Dawson Qian       

Lydia Enzinas     

Iris Zhang        

Cora Crespo       

Eric Zhang        

Chloe Tang        

Audrey Anderson   

Leanna Lin        

Khalil Younes     

Mihika Patro      

Jessica Wu        

Joshua Lobo       

Jane Hayes        

Yuchen Wang       

Karim Younes  

Yu Zhang   

Justin Jiarui Wen 

Felix Meier       

Alexander Anderson

Yiyi Zhang        

Sophie Letcher    

Neil Li           

Olivia Yang       

Hannah Liu        

Luca Ning         

Ethan Fei         

Jingchuan Xiao    

Eli Huang         

Tony Huang        

Charlotte Burgess 

Helen Huang       

Duca Ning         

Joshua Silverman  

Oscar Kaisary     

Adelice Sinn      

Alycia Nordstrom  

Georgia Kaisary   

Allan Li          

Eason Yang        

Yu Zhang          

Hanxi Hu          

Zeping Yu         



O Canada quartet      





The Highlands                

March of the Goblins         

The Waltz that Floated Away  

Somewhere on the Ocean Floor 

Echoes of November           

The “Wrong Notes” Dance      


Moonlight Toccata            

Rock It!                     


Dream Journey                

When Rivers Flowed on Mars   

Ottawa Valley Song           

Play It Again                

Moonlight Toccata            


Arctic Voices                

The Limpid River             


Humbug's Hoedown  


Spring Break Rag             

Storm at Sea                 


Yellow Emporer               

Olde Irish Blessing          

Winter’s Northern Scene      


Study #4/Sleepy little kitten

Pop Goes the Weasel          


Little Red Wagon             

Climb up on an elephant      

Jazzberry Jump               

Blue Iris                    

Prairie Boy, Prairie Boy     

When the Planets Are Aligned 

In the Spirit                




Night on the Town            

New Shoes                    

Jamaican Serenade            


Crazy Comics                 




Calixa Lavallée





Christopher Norton 

Boris Berlin       

David McIntyre     

Sharlene Wallace   

Stephen Chatman    

Rémi Bouchard      

Sharlene Wallace   

Alexina Louie      

John Sandy         

Nancy Telfer       

Christine Donkin   

Nancy Telfer       

Court Stone        

Christopher Norton 

Alexina Louie      

Alexina Louie      

Susan Griesdale    

John Beckwith      

Linda Niamath      

Beverly Porter  

Clifford Poole  

Sheila Tyrrell     

Andrew Harbridge   

Rémi Bouchard      

Jean Coulthard     

Linda Fletcher     

Jean Coulthard     

Violet Archer      

Linda Niamath      

Andrew Markow      

Anne Crosby Gaudet 

Teresa Richert     

Nancy Telfer       

Stephen Chatman    

Teresa Richert     

Morris Surdin      

Nancy Telfer       

Christopher Norton 

Anita Schlarb      

William Gillock    

Anne Crosby Gaudet 

Tyler Seidenberg   

Linda Niamath      

Warren Mould       

Clifford Poole     

Christine Donkin   

Violet Archer      

Featuring the students of: Susan Blyth-Schofield, Betty Harris, Dr. Joan Harrison, Dr. Elaine Keillor, Robyn Kuzell, Amélie Langlois, Maria Lobo, Danielle McIntyre, Mary Muckle, Kimberley Sundell, Sabrina Tang, Patricia Wang,  and Carol Ann Wood.