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Amélie Langlois, Convenor

Dear ORMTA teachers and students, friends and family,


I would like to thank each of you for being part of this virtual Canada Music Week Recital 2021.  We have 51 students performing pieces from 28 different Canadian composers.  We also have 14 participating teachers.


This concert was organized for students to celebrate Canada Music Week. Teachers and students worked hard to make that happen and I want to thank everyone for their participation.  It is a great pleasure to give once more a virtual venue to the students to showcase their talent.


You will be able to access and see the concert until December 15th, 2021.


A special thank you goes to Sabrina Tang, in charge of our website. She spent many hours on this project to create a wonderful online concert for us. And a huge thank you to Danielle McIntyre for listening to all the videos with me.


Thank you to all the performers and teachers for making this possible.


I hope you enjoy our virtual recital.


Amélie Langlois, Canada Music Week Coordinator for ORMTA Ottawa Region Branch

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